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SPEC Spotlight: Andy, Systems Engineer

Andy Tapia, Systems Engineer1553729699281

I have been working at SPEC Innovations for about two years after graduating from George Mason University. My role involves supporting customers and contracts for the company by providing systems engineering (SE) and model-based systems engineering (MBSE) services using our tool, Innoslate!

The best part about my job is being able to learn and gain experience using SE techniques, as well as helping Innoslate reach new heights in the SE community. My favorite part about working for SPEC Innovations is the amazing community I have with my colleagues and being able to work through problems together!

I am the oldest of three brothers and a proud, first-generation college graduate for my parents, who immigrated from Ecuador and Peru. I am also a proud dad to my dog, Bella, who makes me laugh every day! In my free time, I enjoy reinforcing my Spanish and learning more Japanese, as well as scrolling through social media. I love all things seafood, particularly salmon and mussels. Animated movies are my favorite, with Belle coming in as my #1!


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